Sunday, January 30, 2011

Where to go for live music in Winter Hill or East Somerville?

I think that it was somewhere in Somerville Scout that I recently read something about only New York having more artists per capita than the City of Somerville. Music is no small part of the artistic contributions throughout the city. Somerville has plenty of places to see local and visiting musicians play, Precinct, Johnny D's, The Burren, PA's Lounge, Sally O'Briens to name a few; and that's not even to mention the various local house, studio, and loft shows that happen around town. And don't forget the live mariachi at at El Potro in Union Square! A search on myspace gives me about 2400 hits for bands claiming Somerville as their home (ok, I'm not sure if I did that right, but you get the point).

That said, I am not aware of too many places in Winter Hill or East Somerville to see live music. If places exist, please let us all know! If they don't exist, what current establishments might make the best live music venues?

Looking forward to your responses!

And let's hear it for some of the locals (click picture to see more):


Anonymous said...

The Paddock does music, Brazilian I think, but I love it as a dive-y, windowless bar. If you could get a scene established, that'd be one hell of a great place to have cheap drinks & see bands.

WinterVillain said...

Oh, yeah, that's a good one. The Paddock does do live music, I agree mostly Brazilian. I've had a few great nights there. We'll have to check in with them :)

WinterVillain said...

Oh, and in case you are wondering where this is, it's on Maple near the corner of Pearl and Medford.