Monday, October 29, 2007

Parade Precautions

There are no parade precautions in place as the parade tomorrow will come no where near Winter Hill. Proceed as normal, until next Veteran's/Memorial Day/Honkfest.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Count your blessings

Be happy Winter Hill residents, dance, be joyous for your continued lack of a green line extension, for it is only this lack that forces you to drive and thus keeping each and every one of you safe from having to take a 12:20 train home during the sixth inning of what I'm sure was just another Sox win of typical import. None of us (drunks and tramplers alike) really wanted to see that comeback rally anyway.

Welcome to Winter Hill

Found this site that, at some point, might be a good resource for local business. As of right now, it's a little sparse:

Saturday, October 6, 2007

02145 Statistics

Residents of Winter Hill might be interested in all the data from the link below. I post the most interesting of the information (from my perspective) below:

The Bands of Winter Hill

I am attempting to compile a list of bands that call Winter Hill their primary residence. I'm also interested in putting together a list of any music stores, recording studios, practice spaces, etc. in the area. If you have any information, please send it my way. Arigato.

My initial investigation through a myspace search suggests that zero bands call Winter Hill their home. Hmmm... This is proving difficult. Let's drop the bar to look for bands that have anything to do with Winter Hill for now.

Winter Hill: Unconfirmed, but I guess these guys are likely from Winter Hill (although they say Boston).

The Woodrow Wilsons: I think one guy lives in Winter Hill.

Return of the Wintervillian

I'm back from my secret side project. Let's get this Hill a rockin'.