Thursday, March 27, 2008

Top Seven Most Bestest Things into which to turn the Winter Hill Star Market

It's old news that the Winter Hill Star Market has died an ugly death. I was looking at Moominmolly's photograph of the stripped out interior, and having been bored silly by the food sellership suggestions came up with some Better Ideas.

1) Roller disco slash derby dames emporium:
Hell we'll throw in a liquor license and a wrestling rink to give BLOWW a permanent homebase at the same time. Slow skates for the kids and spotty chaperoning.

2) Gun range:
Itchy trigger fingers don't scratch themselves, and we might as well be blasting targets rather than 15-year olds. Friends of the range will enjoy larger caliber artillery and grenade toss after closing time at the neighborhood bars.

3) Cyrogenics facility:
Seriously, bring Ted Williams home! Maybe we can get one of the less expensive parts of Walt Disney too to draw in the touristy-types. Let riff-raff from MIT fund the place by selling futures promising to back up their massive cerebelli.

4) Biodome:
I'm not exactly sure how this would work but I image we could get Pauly Shore to show at the ribbon cutting ceremony. Suffice to say if I can talk my way on to the steering committee ligers will be included. All predators, all the time? That'd help ticket sales.

5) Float construction center:
Given the ridiculous lack of floating Pink Panthers or petal powered confections in the recent St. Patrick's Parade, the greater metro area would benefit no end by having a cavernous space in which glue sticks could be traded as the currency of the realm.

6) Fluff museum:
Exhibits related to construction of fluff, properties of fluff, illicit uses of fluff. A section on functional fluff (fluff as adhesive, caulking material, junior high science experiment though make sure your mom helps you use the microwave oven). Stuff like that. Plus, Fluffers McBunny.

7) Indie IMAX: Here's how Winter Hill can top Somerville Theatre and their small screen ilk (Coolidge's itty bitty screening room may die of jealousy). Massive screens, 3D-ification of low budget indie documentaries and smell-o-vision. Make it so! Including sea plane!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thought Exercise

1. Richard Trum Playground is in Winter Hill.
2. Who is Richard Trum?

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Random Fact about Winter Hill


Real Estate is Fun

Some Things You Do Not Need to Know About...

The smallest national park in the United States is in Somerville...on Winter Hill. marks the spot where Paul Revere evaded capture during his "one if by land" gig. Speaking of that gig, the Brits took thier first hostile action against the emerging revolutionaries when they struck the old Mollet Grist Mill in Somerville in 1774. They confsicated 212 barrels of gunpowder and angered thousands of musket toting farmers.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Winter Hill Has a Dog Park: Saxton Foss Park

Saxton Foss Park

49 Fellsway West, access the park via Broadway and McGrath Highway
Local residents are drawn to this fully equipped park for the swimming facilities and athletic fields. Dog owners should note that the park also has public restrooms and lighting for walks after dusk.


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Magoun Square: Green Line Extension, Neighborhood Meetings, etc.

The great hope for Winter Hill is that there will one day be a green line on the MBTA that takes you back home after a day of work to a mini-bustling area centered in Magoun Square where you can have some coffee or get a beer, and then pick up whatever else you might need from a local shop on the walk home. This probably will never happen without significant community involvement.

Unfortunately, this information is a little late, and there isn't much on the web, but as an FYI for the future, here are a few sites and some information that you might keep an eye on for information about future discussions, meetings, etc. related to development in the area:

Blue Mass Group
Magoun Square ResiStat
Magoun Square ResiStat Yahoo Group
Progressive Democrats of Somerville interview Joe Lynch about Magoun Square

For a little more info on the types of neighborhood discussions at the ResiStat meetings, see this pdf of the notes from the last Magoun Square ResiStat meeting.

If you have more information that would be useful to post, please get in touch.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Reason 45 for why Somerville is GREAT.

On the southeast border of Winter Hill, where Highland Ave meets Medford St, a nostalgic SomerVillain adds an entry to our cataloging of all things Winter Hill with reason #45 why Somerville is great:

While we’re talking about memories: the Lowell Street bridge, located between Highland Ave. and Medford St., has been under construction for about 8 years and is finally finished. But before it went under construction, it was the wildest bridge around. If you we’re driving, and hit the bridge at say, 25 mph, you would get a little airborne. Being around 14 at the time, we’d get our moms to hit the bridge fast so that we’d get airborne. Any city that has a bridge that shoots your car into the air, even if it does decide to rebuild it, is cool.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Winter Hill: Land of Charity: The Alliance for Cultural & Economic Exchange

There is a general lack of a web presence for Winter Hill, with most of the attention going to events around the High School. However, with a little digging, it's good to find a gem of benevolence hiding in the wilderness north of Highland Ave. The Alliance for Cultural & Economic Exchange, mixes chocolate with charity, with goals of funding scholarships for Ecuadorian secondary school children and young leaders, and market development in local handicrafts and tourism.

Chocolate 2008 is currently planned for June. You might want to register.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Winter Hill East has an outlet

The folks of Winter Hill East (east of Medford) have a good line of communication:
From the City of Somerville Website:

There is more like this for other sections of town on the SomerStat page. Related posts are upcoming:

Thank you for visiting the Winter Hill East ResiStat page! ResiStat is a city project to increase communication between residents and City officials in order solve local problems quickly and efficiently. ResiStat meetings allow residents to get information about their neighborhood and the City in general, and to raise questions and comments about City services. This page includes upcoming meeting announcements, presentations and notes from past meetings, and a link to join a Yahoo! email list for this group. All ResiStat meetings are open to any Somerville resident, though any neighborhood-specific information at Winter Hill East ResiStat meetings will focus on the neighborhoods on the Eastern and Southern slopes of Winter Hill.

The next Winter Hill East ResiStat Meeting will be:
Thursday, March 20 at 7:15 PM
The Healey School, 5 Meacham Street
Join the Winter Hill East Yahoo! Group for email updates.

Join the Winter Hill East Yahoo! Group for email updates.

1/17/07 Neighborhood Meeting

11/15/07 Neighborhood Meeting

Winter Hill East Map
A map of the Winter Hill East ResiStat neighborhood. All neighborhood boundaries are approximate; anyone is welcome at a ResiStat meeting.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Catching up with the Best of 2007

Winter Hill owns five of the top spots in the Somerville News "Best of 2007" including:

Best Pizza: Mamma Lisa’s – Winter Hill
Best Sub Shop: Leone’s Sub & Pizza – Winter Hill
Best Liquor Store: Winter Hill Liquors – Broadway and Temple Street
Best Electrician: TD Electric – Winter Hill
Best Barber Shop: Tony’s Barber Shop – Winter Hill

Congratulations to the winners. It's a start, but I'm hoping for more top spots from the Wintervillains in 2008:

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Virgies? No. Madison's on The Ave? No. Highland Kitchen? Yes.

When I first moved to Somerville there was a dive bar up Highland Ave called Vergies. At least I think it was called that. This wasn't a dive bar like the Model or the Silhouette. This was a real dive. After I lived there a little while, Virgies was closed for renovations, and Madison's on the Ave sprung up in its place. I went there once. Not too much later, Madison's was closed for renovations, and now, the Highland Kitchen has popped up. Rumor is, it's pretty good, and it might actually be there for a while.

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Highland Kitchen satiates Somerville neighborhood's cravings

By Katie Johnston Chase Globe Staff / January 19, 2008

SOMERVILLE - I've always dreamed of living within walking distance of a restaurant with delicious, affordable food, a decent bar, and a comfortable vibe. A place I could go to a few times a month to have dinner or a drink. A place I could call my hangout.

So when Highland Kitchen opened around the corner from my house last month, my hopes were high. I knew it was owned by the former chef at Green Street Grill in Central Square, where I had feasted on mahi mahi with mango-avocado salsa and sampled lip-scorching curried goat stew. And when I heard Tom Waits playing on the jukebox the first time I walked in, and saw the silver menus gleaming with promises of brandy flips and chili cheese fries, I was instantly smitten. Halfway through our first drinks, my husband and I were on a first-name basis with the bartender.

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Sunday, March 9, 2008