Saturday, November 6, 2010

Diversity in Somerville

An addendum to the new Somerville Vision Statement provided by Lorie Reilly at Somerville Voices. It's great to see the City and the people of this city interact in a progressive and thoughtful way:


It’s interesting to me that the meaning of “diversity” has become focused around race and ethnicity. Obviously there are many other ways in which people can diverge from each other: religion, politics, physical abilities, family history, economic status, age, sexual orientation, and more. When my former employer’s human resource managers talked about seeking workforce diversity, I don’t think they meant they were actively recruiting more Jews, paraplegics, Catholics, or 60-year-old gay men — all of which were also under-represented on the company’s staff.



Diversity Cupcakes, from clevercupcakes flickr photostream.

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