Sunday, October 9, 2011

We have a lot to catch up on...

Here we go:

1) There was a discussion about the Somerville 48 hour parking rule on yelp (started by a Winter Hill neighbor):

2) Danielle Dreilinger wrote about 'More cyclists are hitting the road in Somerville', noting that:"Bike use was notably low in Winter Hill and Assembly Square. Joggers, meanwhile, love the Community Path, and more people jog after work than before.":

3) Mitch is trying to rent out an off-street parking spot in Winter Hill:

4) The Bicycling New Historic Somerville brochure is online with Winter Hill hotspots (sorry I missed the actual event way back in May):

5) This is cool. Mose Berkowitz-Urban Appreciator takes a stroll through Winter Hill:–-working-class-roots-uncovered-in-modern-times

6) Vegetarians in Winter Hill looking for a roomate (well, I'm assuming they are also vegetarian; otherwise it would just be weird:
$500 Nov. 1: Two Professionals Seek Vegetarian, Male Roommate (Winter Hill, Somerville)

7) A Winter Hill Resident expresses their thoughts about the Green Line Extension:

Ok, we'll leave it at that for now. There are two other items that we should be discussing in the near future:

1) The race for Ward 4 Alderman on Tuesday Nov. 8th. If you would like to get to know some of the players, check out:

and, this is the big one:

2) Somerville's First Foodie Crawl is Oct. 25, 6-9:30pm! Get your tickets in advance; this will undoubtedly be a good time.

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